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Though more of an alternate format than a true substitute to paper books, e-books are now a natural part of our book collections. Jutoh provides you with all the features you need to create professional e-books in EPUB, Kindle, or HTML format in one of the most intuitive ways I’ve had the chance to try. The entire process is both straightforward and rewarding, and the tool covers all aspects of the book creation, from the cover to the table of contents, and even the accessibility for persons with a print disability.

You can import text for your book by using an existing file or group of files in Word, HTML, ODT, TXT, CBZ, and even in EPUB, in case you want to add new features or check its validity. The program will analyze what you have and will try to transform that into a readable and well-structured e-book. As usual, the quality of the output will largely depend on the quality and structure of the input, if any. However, even building new titles and subtitles or creating a table of contents from scratch are tasks that Jutoh has managed to make easy and rewarding.

The program comes with an excellent Document Cleanup tool that automates most of the otherwise more boring tasks that we normally need to perform on an imported e-book. It will look for unwanted spaces, blank lines between paragraphs, unused bookmarks, line breaks, etc., and will remove them for you. It can also remove text and background colors that we don’t need anymore, or convert bookmarks into footnotes, to name but a few.

Jutoh includes an EPUB checker that makes sure that the overall structure of the e-book is consistent and navigable in a correct way. This combines perfectly with the program’s accessibility features (a truly welcome add-on that you won’t find in more sophisticated e-book editors, by the way) and its support for SVG and MathML and the option to create a text-and-audio synchronized book using TTS and MP3. Those features will allow you to add caption tags (alternative text) to describe images and tables and will mark up the book so that its structure is coherent and logical. On the theme of images, Jutoh not only supports the most common formats but can also manage their size so that they scale in a dynamic way to the various displays and devices that we use with our e-books. It comes with a cover designer that will let you create stunning front and back covers in no time.

Jutoh includes many more utilities and features, but I’ll leave those for you to discover. Suffice it to say that all aspects of the e-book creation process have been taken into account when designing this powerful, intuitive, and highly recommended software tool.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes an EPUB checker
  • Uses a WYSIWYG approach for easily editing e-books
  • Converts e-books between formats
  • Creates e-books by importing common text-based files
  • Creates books in MP3 using TTS


  • Requires a third-party tool to create e-books for Kindle
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